Digestive Weight Management – 2 oz


Digestive Weight Management tincture come in a 2 oz bottle with dropper.

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Digestive Weight Management Tea tincture is a blend of herbs and spices used in Ayurvedic healing to help promote weight loss. It contains a specific blend of herbs and spices including dandelion root, violet, cleavers, chick weed, gotu kola, fennel, cardamom, black pepper, anise seed, red roses, and chicory.

It helps with weight loss by improving digestion, and detoxification of tissue. You can carry the bottle of with you to make the tea, it fits right in any bag. Just one dropper-full, twice daily in one cup of water and watch your weight disappear! Results can and do vary due to diet and training program for each individual.

How to Use: Use a dropper full in a cup of hot water, two times a day. You can also take a dropper full without water, two times a day.(That’s about 35 to 40 drop per cup of water. A cup of water is 6 ounces or you can use 1 ounce of water)

You can also order this weight loss tea in bulk herbal tea in a premade size and make the tea at home,

NOTE: Almost everyone who has bought this formula at our clinic has given us feedback that they lost a few pounds.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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