Introduction to Herbal Healing

Three kingdoms of nature – animal, vegetable, mineral!

Herbs are plants – originally there was no word for "vegetable" and the only word "herb" was used for all plants. The bible refers to herbs as foods and medicine. Most of the plants we refer to as herbs these days are weeds.

They are often considered pests and in the way of human being's desires to have an orderly lawn or garden, throw away Mother Nature's medicine. Herbs actually have valuable uses both in nature and the world of mankind. Herbs "metabolize" the ground they grow in and both add and absorb valuable minerals to the soil. One of their functions as medicine is the valuable mineral content they possess. Only a few are considered "food" in the mass consciousness.  [Read More]


Wholistic Approaches for Weight Loss

It's as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Detoxify and cleanse – rid your body of toxins, excess mucous, and yeast overgrowth and you will be on your way to permanent weight loss. A myriad of natural options are available:

  • Charcoal Caps
  • Green Clay Treatment
  • Triphala Powder And Caps
  • Super Colon Cleanse
  • Red Clover Blood Purifying Formula [Read More...]