Our herbal programs are based on many years of experience at Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop. We have the Largest Selection of Bulk Herbs in NE Florida. No other store carries as many bulk herbs as we do. We have people from all over the Eastern US who stop by our clinic on their way to South Florida.

Our health programs have been in use for over 16 years. One herb client who lives in New York, stocks up on herbs when she visits the Keys (since we’re right on her way).

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Article about Carpal Tunnel

Herbs that help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Special Formulas

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates can be use for massage at our clinic or for herbs at our store or online — shipped right to your front door.


Herbal Programs for Health
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Herbal Programs for Health
A list of programs we use to improve your health using herbal remedies, tonics, and formulas.
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Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop