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What it does (English):
Abalone shell is be given to patients with indigestion or cold in the spleen and stomach. It’s used to treat ailments such as vertigo, dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, and eye-related pain, and to improve visual acuity.

Clinical Use (Chinese):
In traditional Chinese medicine, abalone shell has salty and cold properties, and is associated with the Liver meridian. The Abalone shell pacifies the liver and subdue yang, and to clear fire in the liver. Abalone shell is often combined with other substances, such as oyster shell and white peony.

Latin Name:
Concha haliotidis

English Name:
Abalone Shell and Sea Ear

Parts Used:
The shell

Salty and cold — Abalone shell contains a variety of elements, including calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and silicon, and several chemical compounds, including aspartic acid and glutamic acid.

At this time there are no known interactions to any drugs but as always, you should check with your doctor before using. Use with caution if you have indigestion or spleen problems.

Folk Lore:
The meat of the abalone can be eaten but don’t throw the shell away. They make very good holder for jewelry, pins, or anything you want to put in them.

Abalone shell can be found throughout the oceans of the world. The shell is crushed and usually mixed with water to alleviate eye problems and ground and taken to calm the liver. It’s been called the ‘sea ear’ but it’s actually a type of mollusk or clam. The shell is used in jewelry and medicine while the meat is eaten for dinner.


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