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What it does (English):
Acanthopanax drives out wind and dampness. Your bones and tendons are strengthened and it helps with arthritis and rheumatic pain. Plus, it strengthens weak lower backs, promotes urination and help with knee pain. It is usually mixed with other herbs to make other herbal formulas.

Clinical Use (Chinese):
Pungent and bitter in flavor, warm in property, acts on the Liver and Kidney channels. Expels Pathogenic Wind Dampness, strengthens muscles and bones.

Latin Name:
Acanthopanax gracilistylus

English Name:
Thorny Ginseng and Chinese Siberian Ginseng

Parts Used:
Bark from the root.

Acanthopanax contains Vitamins A and D. As well as palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and essential oils including 4- menthyl salicyladehyde,and tannin.

Nutritional Wellness states, “Acanthopanax bark is considered safe; the American Herbal Products Association has given it a class 1 rating. However, the German Commission E has noted that it should not be given to patients with high blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure or who are taking blood pressure medications should consult with a health care provider before taking acanthopanax bark.”

Folk Lore:
There are two types of acanthopanax bark. One is grown and produced in northern China and one that is grown in southern China. The northern acanthopanax bark is more toxic than the southern variety. It should not be used in large doses for any length of time. It’s used to kill pain.

The southern variety is non toxic and is used to buildup bones and muscles and contains vitamins A & B. It also contains a number of oils and acids that are good for the body.


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