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What it does (English):
Achyranthes is used for kidneys and the liver. Achyranthes promotes the flow of blood to help restore menstrual cycle and gives support with women in difficult labor. It can stimulate uterine contractions. It is used in Chinese medicine to tonify the kidneys and liver and studies have shown it has lowered blood sugar levels.

Achyranthes also is used to treat amenorrhea (absence of a monthly period), hematemesis (vomiting of blood), and epistaxis (bleeding from the nose). Achyranthes is often included with other herbs in larger remedies.

Clinical Use (Chinese):
In TCM, achyranthes is bitter, sour and neutral. It’s connected with the Liver and Kidney meridians. It promotes the circulation of qi and blood in an effort to restore menstruation and aid with difficult labor in women if it’s used raw. Typically, it is employed to treat amenorrhea, hematemesis and epistaxis.

Latin Name:
Achyranthes bidentata

English Name:
Achyranthes root

Parts Used:
Dried, whole, and raw root

Stimulate blood circulation to resolve blood stasis, tonifies the liver and kidney, strengthens the tendons and bones, treats gonorrhea by inducing diuresis, and stimulates the downward movement of blood.

Should not take if pregnant or if you suffer from menorrhagia or diarrhea due to spleen deficiency. There is no known interaction with drugs at this time.


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