Akebia (Mu Tong)


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What it does (English):
Akebia relieves depression and promotes blood circulation to help in pain relief. It’s also been used to destroy parasites, and causes dieresis (secretion of urine). It can be used on snake and insect bites.

Clinical Use (Chinese):
Promotes urination, drains heat from the heart through the small intestine – irritability with sores of the mouth or tongue, and scanty urination.

Latin Name:
Akebia trifoliata

English Name:
Akebia, Chocolate Vine, and Clemantis root

Parts Used:
The nearly ripe fruit. It is collected in September, washed, dried, and sliced.

Bitter in flavor, cold in property, acts on the liver, gallbladder, stomach, and the bladder.

You should not use Akebia if you have spleen problems or diarrhea.


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