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Artemisia (Qing Hao)


Artemisia (Qing Hao) – 2 oz

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What it does (English):
Artemesia is used to combat malarial attacks. It also reduces fever and clears blood heat. According to Chinese medicine, Artemesia is cold in property and acts on the liver warming the blood. It can be mixed with other herbs to combat symptoms that have fevers.

Clinical Use (Chinese):
Clears Blood Heat, reduces consumptive fever and Summer Heat, stops malarial attacks.

Latin Name:
Artemesia annua

English Name:
Sweet Wormwood

Parts Used:
The dried aerial part

Bitter and pungent in flavor, cold in property, acts on the Liver, Gallbladder, and Kidney channels.

Should not be taken long term.

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Artemesia (Qing Hao)
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