Black Dragon Pearls


Subtle cocoa taste with a hint of earthiness — 2 oz.

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Camellia sinensis

Black Dragon Pearls Tea – is from Yunnan province in China. Black dragons are hand-rolled with a subtle cocoa note, naturally sweet and smooth with a touch of earthiness.


Yunnan is the Ideal Location and Climate for Producing the World’s best tasting Teas

Yunnan is located in an area of China that is perfect for growing tea. It has a high elevation with mountainous peaks, valleys and river valleys. It’s one of China’s most diverse natural resources.

 Tea bud of the first season

The Yunnan Province of China has been producing black teas for hundreds of years. Besides Black Dragon Pearl tea, Yunnan also produces some of the finest Pu-erh black tea in the world. As you know, Pu-erh is well known for its weight loss health benefit.

There are many varieties of teas and most of them are grown in Yunnan, China, within the four main production areas: Xishuangbanna, Pu’er (Simao), Lincang and Baoshan.


The climate, called monsoon climate, is pleasant, ideal area for growing tea due to the heavy rainfall and humid weather.  This steady rainfall helps irrigate the area for the tea trees and the people taking care of the tea trees.

Tea Garden Yunnan


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