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Boldo is a liver tonic and also works on the kidneys and bladder. Its chief use is to stimulate the liver and bile flow to release gallstones and liver and gallbladder pain. It protects hepatic cells and is a mild urinary antiseptic and can be taken for infections.

Latin Name: Peumus boldus

Common Names: Boldu, Boldus, and Boldoa Fragrans

Parts Used:
The leaves.

Tonic, antiseptic, stimulant. Useful in chronic hepatic torpor

Topical Uses / Applications:
It makes a drinkable tea and combined with goldenseal is excellent for kidney and bladder infections. The plant is used in homeopathy in to help aid with digestive disorders, as a laxative, choleretic, diuretic, and for hepatic disturbances.

Culinary Uses:
Not used in cooking.

Chemical Properties:
Boldo leaves contain about 2 per cent of volatile oil, in which, in addition to terpenes, terpineol has been detected. They also contain the bitter alkaloid Boldine and the glucoside Boldin or Boldoglucin.


Boldo should not be used by individuals with liver conditions, gallstones or obstructions of the bile duct. Do not use if there is jaundice from hemolytic anemia.

Folk Lore:
None found

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