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Catnip’s traditionally use was for colds and flu’s. Catnip has also been used as a sedative to help with insomnia, producing similar effects as Valerian. Very useful in colds as it produces sweating, as in “sweating out a cold”. An herb to protect because cat’s do love it and will eat it.

Latin Name: Nepeta cataria

Common Names: Nepeta cataria, Catmint, Catnep, Catswort, Field Balm, and Menta De Gato. Catmint.

Parts Used:
Leaves and flowers

Carminative, tonic, diaphoretic, refrigerant and slightly emmenagogue, specially antispasmodic, and mildly stimulating.

Traditional Uses:
Used as a tea for colds.

Culinary Uses:
Can be used in foods as it give a minty flavor when added. It’s also good to make a tea.

Chemical Properties:
Nepetalactone, an essential oil.


Do not use Catnip if you are pregnant. Catnip may increase sleeping time when combined with other sedatives.

Folk Lore:
In magic lore, catnip is one of the herbs used in spells to summon spirits.

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