Lophatherum (Dan Zhu Ye)


Lophatherum (Dan Zhu Ye) — 2 oz.

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What it does (English):
Dan Zhu Ye is used to treat inflammations, boost urination and reduce fevers. Bamboo leaf is good for bleeding or swollen gums and urinary infections. It give a positive effect on the heart and is beneficial for the mind.

Clinical Use (Chinese):
Clears heat – heat patterns with irritability and thirst, mouth sores and swollen, painful gums due to heat in the heart or stomach channels.

Promotes urination and clears damp-heat – lin syndrome, especially for heat in the small intestine channel with above symptoms and dark red tip on the tongue

Latin Name:
Lophatherum gracilis

English Name:
Lophatherum, Bamboo Leaf

Parts Used:
Aerial portion

Dan Zhu Ye is used for restlessness, thirst, mouth ulcers, difficult urination, oedema which are due to excessive heart-fire.

Avoid using during pregnancy.

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