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Margarite Acne

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Cai Feng Zhen — Contains pearl

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Clears Heat, Expels Toxins, Cools the Blood, Softens Masses, Regenerates the Flesh

Heat toxins and damp heat in the skin. Presenting with acute or chronic acne with raised red pimples, pustules and hard nodules on the face, neck and/or upper back. Also for skin rashes due to heat-toxins in the Blood, that are red or dark red, possibly painful or blistering. Both skin conditions are worse with excessively sweet, spicy, and fried, oily or greasy foods, and may be accompanied by thirst, dark urine, constipation. Tongue: red Pulse: rapid

Biomedical Applications:
acne, rosacea, furuncles, boils, sores, folliculitis, eczema, cysts, lipoma, benign masses

Standard Dosage:
6 pills, 2 x day.

Clinical Dosage:
Administer half an hour before or one hour after eating. In severe cases or in the initial phases of treatment, dosage may be increased to 6-9 pills 3 times per day, then reduced to a maintenance dose as the treatment takes effect. May be used medium-term for a few weeks to a few months. Once the acute symptoms of this condition are resolved, this formula should be combined as needed with an appropriate constitutional formula. During the course of treatment it is advisable to have the patient avoid substances that promote heat, toxins and damp-heat such as spicy, greasy foods, shellfish, peanuts, coffee, alcohol and smoking. Monitor for signs of Spleen Qi deficiency.

Lonicera japonica flower, Rehmannia glutinosa root-raw, Zostera marina herb, Cristaria plicata pearl, Bubalus bubalis horn, Bos taurus domesticus bezoar, Honey, Activated carbon, Botanical wax. – Jin yin hua, Sheng di huang, Hai dai, Zhen zhu, Shui niu jiao, Niu huang, Honey, Activated carbon, Botanical wax.

Cautions & Contraindications:
Contraindicated during pregnancy.
Use with caution during heavy menstrual bleeding. Use with caution in Spleen deficient patients with a tendency to loose stools, diarrhea, poor appetite or chronic digestive weakness. Contains pearl.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 28.3 0.36875 Chinese Patent Remedies^Plum Flower

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