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Minor Blue Green Dragon


Minor Blue Green Dragon Tincture comes in a 1 oz bottle with dropper.

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Minor Blue Green Dragon is a Chinese formula that is used to treat common colds with edema and excessive phlegm, as well as allergies that are associated with poor digestion and weak lungs that are congested with fluids.

Employ Minor Blue Green Dragon tincture if there are chills and fever without sweating, body aches, heavy head and a sensitivity to cold, with a cough, but with mucous that is clear and white, but not yellow.

Also if there is a congested, bloated chest, wheezing, and/or difficult urination. Note that it is very important that the formula is not used long term and that it is used for the right kind of cough.

Botanical Names: Brigham Tea (Ephedra nevadensis), Cinnamon twig (Cinnamomum cassia ramulus), Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), Wild Ginger root (Asarum sieboldi), Schisandra berries (Schisandra chinensis), Peony root (Paeoniae Lactiflorae), Pinellia root (Pinellia ternata), Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Other Ingredients: 40% alcohol, filtered water, glycerin


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