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Aids with digestion issues such as acid reflex, belching, hiatal hernia, irregular bowel habits, and menstural imbalances. Also useful for pain in the gut, “Stuck food” in the stomach, and digestive headaches. This formula, sometimes spelled as Yue Qu Wan, is known as Escape Restraint Pills, Because it can free up stagnation in the abdomen and stomach

A little Folk Lore:
Some have used this formula to treat the condition known as “Plum Pit Qi” — the sensation of a plum pit stuck at the base of the throat…A symptom of stagnation, or stagnant qi. Also used for this condition is Pinellia and Magnolia Combination, known by its Chinese name Ban Xia Hou Po Tang.

Ingredients: attactylodes, ligusticum, cyperus, gardenia, massa fermemta.

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