The Only Herbal Remedies You Need for Arthritis & Joint Pain

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Almost everyone has joint pain, whether it comes from an injury, arthritis, or even aging. Joint pain affects millions of people every single day. Each person has a different type of pain, ache or inflammation around their joint or joints.

Most likely the pain comes from inflammation of the surrounding area.  It doesn’t really matter how it got there, you know that it hurts, sometimes all the time. Other times it might be during the winter or when cold weather sets in to your area. It might even happen when it rains, whether it’s summer or winter.

Joint pain can make your life miserable, not only because it hurts, but you have to take something for it, as well. Taking medication such as prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) can and is addictive.  After a couple of months, you won’t be able to live without your daily dose of pharmaceutical drugs.  That’s where Mother Nature comes in – she has 4 herbs that will take away all the pain of arthritis or achy joints.

This is a very bold statement, I understand, but I do have many years of experience with arthritis, broken bones, and achy joints.

I have had arthritis in my knees since I was nine years old. Come winter time, they hurt so bad I would have extra padding I had to wear to keep them from getting cold. I took aspirin every day, all day!  My broken arm when I was eight always sent sharp pains up my arm in the winter. The same with my broken leg, nose, toes, and fingers. Winter time was a lousy time for me.

I have taken every known drug, pill, and food and nothing, and I mean nothing helped during the winter. After learning what pharmaceutical drugs can do to the body, I stopped taking them. I stopped taking any over the counter drug since they upset my tummy and didn’t work anyway!

Until I met Laurence Layne (The other half of The Herbal Explorers) from Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop in St Augustine, Florida.

He recommended I take what we call Damp Joint Formula.  Due to the weather here in Florida, the winter is damp and cold. It makes my knees and shoulders ache (rotator cuff injury) all the time, not to mention the ache from my broken bones.  Damp Joint Formula is one of the best natural remedies for arthritis pain I’ve ever taken.

My Winter Time Plan for Aches and Pains in My Joints

I start taking Damp Joint Formula at the end of August and can stop taking it when warm weather comes around. That would be in February, March, or April. In Florida, it depends on the if the air flow comes from the North or South. If the air comes from the North, it stays colder longer here in Florida.

However, I’ve been taking Damp Joint Formula for the last three years and do not have any aches or pain during the winter months. Of course, it depends on how cold it gets, and it does get cold in Florida. Sometimes it goes down into the 20s and 30s. Yes, I know this is not that cold to some, but it’s a bone type of cold here in Florida due to the humidity.

Normally, winter goes from October to February and it stays cold for several days (20s or 30s) then warms back up to 60s or 70s for several weeks, but sometimes we get a long winter from September to April with several weeks of cold weather. Again, it depends on how the air flows through Florida.

Of course, this is much better weather than most area experience and it’s also why we get a lot of the Snowbirds (people from the North who spend the winter here). There are also people from England, Ireland, Switzerland, and other cold areas throughout the world who winter in Florida.

Damp Joint Formula is one of our special formulas we offer people who suffer from arthritis, joint pain, and other cold weather ailments. I also take turmeric capsules twice a day to keep the inflammation way down.

When taken regularly, Damp Joint Formula calms down my achy, painful, throbbing body during the cold of winter. Although, I no longer suffer from extreme pain during the winter, I still have achy days when I’m not quite all here.  Sometimes a winter storm will brew up quickly before I’ve have a chance to take my daily dose of turmeric and Damp Joint Formula.

However, I am much better during winter since I’ve been taking both these healing herbs.  At least I’m not taking my temper out on everyone if the pain is bad.

What Makes Damp Joint Formula Unique

Our Damp Joint Formula contains:

Wild Ginger (Xi Xin) Asarum Latin: Asarum hetrotropoides — Stops pain from cold and damp conditions, warms the lungs by resolving phlegm-damp and relieves nasal congestion. Works wonderful on joints during damp/cold conditions. According to Plum Dragon,” Wild Ginger is one of the few warming, cold-dispersing herbs that also has essential oils which work to drive out dampness and other blockages.”

Clematis Vine (Chuan Mu Tong) Latin: Caulis clematidis armandii — pain reliever, including headaches, varicose veins, syphilis, gout, rheumatism, bone disorders and chronic skin condition and also works as a diuretic (causing increased passing of urine). Added to this it is an anti-rheumatic, analgesic, anti-diuretic and antibacterial, with the root of the Clematis also known to reduce blood sugar. Sometimes if Clematis is in a shortage, we substitute Mu Gua or Chaenomelis, otherwise known as qunice fruit since it also relaxes the muscles and tendons; unblocks the channels; resolves dampness.

Angelica (Du Huo) Latin: Radix angelicae pubescentis — treat pain and inflammation in joints. It works very well on the lower half of the body. It works best in cold and damp conditions; however, it can also work for headaches behind the eyes, and relieve toothaches that are not accompanied by heat and inflammation. It will strengthen weaknesses that make you prone to injury.

Angelica (Dang Gui) Latin: Angelica sinensis — The Chinese say Angelica “Move the Blood”, which helps with joint relief and it relieves the stagnation caused by inflammation around the joint. It also decreases swelling as it moves the blood away from the aching joint, which also alleviates pain.

Damp Joint Formula is one of the best joint relief for my arthritis that I have ever used. It makes my winter time much more enjoyable.


Use with caution during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Check with your practitioner before you take Damp Joint Formula when pregnant.

Give us a comment after you order and try Damp Joint Formula — we’re always interested in how it works for you!

Jacks Logan – one half of The Herbal Explorers and an arthritis, joint, and chronic injury suffer.

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